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How To: Save & Print With/Without Highlights

For your convenience we have added a new feature which allows you to save and print a document with or without highlights.

Navigate your cursor to the save icon as shown in image below.
There are two options available under the save icon, one is to "SAVE" and the other is to "SAVE WITH HIGHLIGHT"
This one-click lets you save your document like before.

In the above example we searched for the term ‘**Murder’**, so the word '**Murder**' is highlighted. Now we have the ability to save the document with the highlighted word or without it.

Navigate your cursor to the PRINT icon as shown in the above image.
There are three options available under the print icon TRUEPRINT™, PRINT and PRINT WITH HIGHLIGHTS.
This one-click action lets you print your document the way you want it.

Updated on: 26/10/2018

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