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How To: Use The Case Compilation Feature


Case compilation lets you organize your research and convert it into one consolidated document. This document contains an automatically generated index and allows you to make your own notes directly on the SCC Online platform and download a PDF of your completed compilation.

Begin by conducting research as you would normally and then add documents to your MySCCOnline folder.

Please refer to the image below or Click Here to learn more about adding documents to MySCCOnline Folders.

Once you are satisfied with your selection of documents and are ready to create a compilation, start by opening the MySCCOnline menu from the top menu and clicking the View button under the My Folders tab.

With your folder open, select documents in the second column using the checkbox adjacent to them and then click on the action button at the top of the second column to create the Case Compilation.
In the resulting popup, you can name your case compilation, reorder your selected documents as well as remove any documents you may want to exclude. You can also choose the page size for your case compilation on this pop-up with options to pick between A4 and Legal size paper. Once done, click the Create button to generate your case compilation.

You can now click on “ My Case Compilations ” under “My Folders” to view newly created document. The automatically generated Table of Contents also contains a document editor that allows you to make your own notes and remarks as a part of the compilation. To save any changes to the document please remember to click the save button at the top of the case compilation.

To print your finished compilation, click the print button at the top of the second column with the compilation open.

We hope these new features enhance your SCC Online experience and make your legal research Quicker, Easier and More Effective!

Updated on: 16/01/2020

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