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How To: Run a "Party Name" Search

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Mercury’s new search feature allows you to run searches across courts for cases by party name. Alongside in-depth searches, multiple case imports, the feature makes it possible for you to perform background searches and find litigation against your organisation with ease.

Once you have successfully logged into your Mercury account, navigate to the ‘Plus Icon (+)’ under the Workspace page from the head bar.

How-To: Run a Search by Party Name

Click on ‘Add Case’ (+) button to find Party Name Search tab.
Select your court, and fill in the relevant party name and the year to be searched.

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Clicking the search button will start the search and you may continue to work on other tasks while the search is run in the background.
Once the results are ready, you will be notified both by email and in the notifications bar on Mercury.

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How-To: Access Results and Add Cases

To view the results of your search, simply navigate to the Reports tab.

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All your searches will be listed with a short overview of the status of your search on the panel in the left. Clicking on any of the searches will expand the list of results in the right column.
Select one or multiple cases by clicking the “+” icon on the case cards. Once you have selected all the cases that you wish to import, click the ‘Import Selected’ button.
Alternatively, you can add all the cases in the results by clicking the “Select All Cases” button and then the “Import Selected” button.
To Refresh, the results of any existing or previous search, just simply click the “Refresh Now” button at the top of the results tab.

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How to: Maximize Result Accuracy

Enabling Mercury’s “Strict Search” feature narrows down search results to exactly match your search phrase. This provides much better results compared to the fuzzy search used by the court websites and reduces the need to manually filter through each case in a long list.

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Get an overview of case details in the search results before adding the case. The following details are available at a glance:
Case Status
Case Number
Case Name
Advocate Name
Highlighted party names across all petitioner & respondents that match your search criteria.

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We hope these features make managing your practice more convenient and we thank you for being a subscriber.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Updated on: 27/07/2020

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