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How To: Use Tags On Mercury

Creating A Tag

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Tags allows you to put a label on the cases in your workspace. This will help to Filter & Organise your cases according to the tags. Tags can be fully customised; advocates name, clients name, case types, acts or sections, payment status are just some of the possibilities.

Login to your mercury workspace & select the case from the case list to which you would like to assign a tag. Click on the "Tag" Icon from the top right corner, This will open up a popup for Creating Tag, Now enter the Tag name & hit the "Save" Button. If the tag already exists, Mercury will suggest it to you in the dropdown or just create a new tag at anytime. Its that simple to add a tag to your case.

Filtering By Tag

Filtering Tags allows you to Filter your cases on basis of Tags. Once there are multiple cases with same tag, you can filter them from complete case list. Click on the filter icon on the top left (next to the search bar), then click Tags dropdown & select the tag you wish to filter out. The left panel will now only display matters tagged with that particular label.

Deleting Tag

Delete Tags allows you to delete Tag from the cases. For Deleting Tags, select the case where you wish to delete/unselect the tag.

Click on the "Tag" icon from top right corner, this will open up a pop up with added tags. Now click on the "('x') Cross Icon" to delete the tag.

We hope these new features enhance your Mercury experience.

If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time!

Updated on: 04/02/2020

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