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How To: Use "Words and Phrases"

This feature can be accessed by clicking the Tile under the ReSearch+ section of your Navigational Dashboard after signing in.

The Words and Phrases feature is the same as it was on our CD-ROM Edition and this much-loved feature has been brought to the Web Edition. Look up definitions of terms from acts, legal dictionaries and other sources.

Clicking on the Words & Phrases tile it will navigate you to a new screen with two search options-
1- Show words/phrases starting with typed text
2- Show words/phrases with typed text anywhere
Below is an example of this feature:

We searched for word "Murder", First select Show words/phrases starting with typed text then type murder in "Enter a Word or Phrase" Section the result will appear in the result section.
You can also search through "Show words/phrases starting with typed text" Select your preferred option and get your results.

We hope these new features enhance your SCC Online experience and make your legal research Quicker, Easier and More Effective!

Updated on: 25/10/2018

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