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How To: Browse Curated Topics

Browse Curated Topics

"Browse Curated Topics" aims at providing quick and relevant information on important topics like Securities Law, Competition Law, Patents and more.

This specially curated section enables you to browse through the Statutory Law, Case Law and Articles on the selected topic.

Open URL - and click on Login as shown in the Image 1.

Image 1

Select User Login / IP Login tab & enter your registered login details as shown in the Image 2.

Image 2

After login you will be redirected to the navigation dashboard.

Under "My Library" section you will find the new "Browse Curated Topics" option.

Image 3

Once you are in "Browse Curated Topics", you will see grid of main Topics which when clicked gives you an option to select subtopics.

Simply click the category you wish to explore further.

Image 4

For example: Clicking on "Corporate & Commercial Law" will give you the list of subtopics under it.

Image 5

Further selecting a subtopic will show you the Curated articles, case law and statutory law relating to that topic.

Image 6

We hope these new features enhance your SCC Online experience and make your legal research Quicker, Easier and More Effective!

Updated on: 07/09/2020

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