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How To: Use "GST Rates Finder"

This feature can be accessed by clicking the Tile under the ReSearch+ section of your Navigational Dashboard after signing in.

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), is the biggest reform in India’s indirect tax structure.
Here's a complete list of all the items along with their rates of GST Compensation Cess as approved by the GST Council.

Clicking on the GST Rate Finder tile it will navigate you to the new screen with two search options-
1- HSN/Service Code
2- Commodity / Service
Search for the rate of GST applicable on the commodity using either its name or the HSN code.
Below is an example of this feature:

For an example, we searched for "**Printing**", In the commodity/service section type Printing and click on "**Go**" icon.
All the rates related to Printing will be shown in result area, you can also search through "HSN/Service Code"

We hope these new features enhance your SCC Online experience and make your legal research Quicker, Easier and More Effective!

Updated on: 26/10/2018

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